from by Letter Seventeen



Do you wonder
What became of me?
Cause I wonder
What became of you
Since you wandered
Wandered far away
Full of wonder
I couldn't make you stay

So I wonder what became of you
Did you do the things you had to do?
Will you find your way back here to me?
Or will the wandering go on
Another day?

Do you wonder
If I finally changed?
Do you wonder
If I stayed the same?
Did you wander
To get yourself away?
Do you wonder
If you should have stayed?

Do you wonder what became of me?
Do you wonder if I feel the same?
Do you wonder if we'd ever be
Back the way we were?
I wish I knew

If you ask me
I swear to tell the truth
I still find myself
Looking out for you
I wonder if the wondering
And all the wondering wandering
Will bring you what you need
And you'll find you way back home


from Snowbound, released March 9, 2011



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Letter Seventeen Norcross

Whimsical indie pop from a one-man band. Except when other people help. Which is quite often. So it's not like a one-man band at all.
Oh. And there are songs about donkeys.

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